Lori And Her Lambs Together Again

Lori, Robin, Constance, and Merricat coming in from grazing.

Friday was Robin’s last day in the barn.  Yesterday morning, I let Lori and Robin out of the barn to eat with the rest of the sheep.

Both Robin and Lori were confused at first running back to the barn thinking they would be fed there.  Naturally, Lori caught on quicker than Robin, who ran back and forth baaing for a while.

I put some hay on the ground so Robin could reach it and eventually he found his place next to Lori and ate.

Before Robin was born  Lori, Constance, and Merricat were often off grazing by themselves.

This morning the three of them along with Robin came running in from the pasture where they had been grazing together.

The little Romney family that Liz brought to us in the fall is back together with a new brother.

4 thoughts on “Lori And Her Lambs Together Again

  1. “But the mother and child reunion is only a motion away” (with a tip of the hat to Paul Simon). They make for a lovely family portrait.

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