How I Got A Self Under My Work Table

Cutting the wood for my shelf

I pulled the paper from the printer and looked at the prices and dimensions of  wood.  That’s when I thought to get my wood to make a shelf under my work table from our Amish neighbors instead of the Hardware Store.

Earlier in the day Barbara and Mosie’s son John had stopped by pulling his horse and wagon into the driveway.  He asked if we could make some copies of the price list for his sawmill.

Jon was ready to get the copies from the hardware store, but I knew the printer that Jon was giving to Sue Silverstein at Bishop Magin was also a copier.  The  printer was too complicated for Jon to use, which is why he was giving it away.

But to make copies, all you had to do was plug it in and push a button.

So when Jon dropped off the copies of the price list this morning with John at the sawmill, he also picked up a piece of  1x10x6 rough cut pine for me.

John wouldn’t take any money for the wood and I thought it a good trade.

My work table has a brace about a foot down from the top.  Two three-foot-long pieces of wood, 10 inches wide fit perfectly.  So I cut the 1x10x6 in half, slid it onto the brace and had a shelf for my new Viking Sewing machine extension.

It felt a bit magical how it all came together so quickly and easily.  Like it was just meant to be.

The new self under my work table is the perfect size to store my sewing machine extension when I’m not using it.

4 thoughts on “How I Got A Self Under My Work Table

  1. Don’t you just love when it feels like the universe is in tune with you, puts you in touch with exactly what you need? I love that feeling. I’m guessing, in my instances, its relative infrequency makes it that much more appreciated when it happens.

    1. Ah Susie, I realzied we have three bells in the house. I was thinking of making a video of the sound they make. Now you reminded me and confirmed that there is interest. I’ll do that this weekend. Thanks!

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