Return Of The Canada Goose Couple

The Canada Goose couple has been coming to Bedlam Farm to hatch their eggs for years. They’re back again.

6 thoughts on “Return Of The Canada Goose Couple

  1. I saw 2 Canada geese flying north yesterday morning. Just 2. I thought they were a little late getting their act in gear. It’s already been reaching the low 80s here in the afternoons. Way too warm for April. Then this morning 2 ducks paddling in the irrigation water that’s started running in the acequia.

    1. I never really thought about when geese migrate in different parts of the country Jill. Just always assumed they all go at around the same time. I thought it was late here too, but that’s just because the weather’s been so nice. We have a couple of ducks here too. Must be going around. 🙂

  2. They remind me of the couple in Neil Simon’s “Same Time Next Year”! Funny to think of a pair of geese having a history of an annual get-together at your farm.

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