Constance and Robin

Robin eating by himself in the barn

It’s been raining all day and Robin didn’t want to come out of the barn to eat.  So I tossed some hay on the ground in the barn where Robin first ate hay.

I was surprised that none of the other sheep came into the barn to eat the hay.

But then Constance came into the barn to share the hay with Robin.  She didn’t butt him out of the way like I’ve seen her do before and they seemed completely comfortable with each other.

Constance and Robin

3 thoughts on “Constance and Robin

  1. Part of me thinks “What a good big (sorta) sister Constance is!” Part of me thinks “She’s ensuring his vote when she runs for shop steward of the sheep union she’s gonna form.”

    1. Yeah, ya know Jill, I had similar thoughts, like maybe she just wants the hay because Robin’s eating it. But I was trying not to go there. 🙂

  2. I hate it when I get cynical. But I also hate it when I get duped. A constant struggle of hope versus experience. I think that’s how someone defined second marriages after divorce: “The triumph of hope over experience.”

    1. I think a little cynicism is good Jill. I suppose it’s a balance. But I do like your quote “The triumph of hope over experience”. Maybe it’s more about being realistic. I think us humans are more calculating than the animals.

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