My Bee Pillow

Sewing the backing on my Bee Pillow

I had four or five people ask about buying my Bee Pillow.  If I had more Bee fabric I make another.

I don’t have Bee fabric, but I did find some Dragonfly fabric when I was looking for material for the pillow.  I’m in a bit of a groove now, using the shiny fabric swatches that Uta gave me.

So I’ll go with it for a while till I wear it out or run out of fabric, whichever come first.

After the backing is sewed on, I stitch around the inside of the border on the top of the pillow.
Then I stuff it, sew the bottom of the top stitch closing it up and hand stitch the hole at the bottom of the border.
Dragonfly fabric

After coming back from visiting Sue Silverstein at Bishop Maginn High School (I’ll write more about that tomorrow) I started gathering fabric for the Dragonfly Pillow I hope to work more on tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “My Bee Pillow

  1. Maria-
    Dragonflies are my spirit guides, so please let me know how much you will sell one of your dragonfly pillows for as I’d love to buy one. (Unless there’s only one and lots of folks want it
    then you’ll have to decide.)

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