Corona Kimono April 16, 2021

My lateat Corona Kimono entry

A few weeks ago I told Emily during one of our Zoom Studio Chats that I was worried about how much my progress on my Corona Kimono had slowed down. “What if I never finish it?” I asked her.

Emily told me to be patient.

I knew she was right and it was good to hear her say it.  It was just the reassurance I needed.

And now I can see just how right Emily was.  This week I’ve had three entries for my Corona Kimono.  So many it was hard for me to keep up with them.

Even though I only finished my entry from yesterday today, I knew when Kristen gave me a sticker for my second Covid-19 vaccination this morning I wanted to sew it onto my Corona Kimono. 

I texted Jon this photo of my sticker after getting my second vaccine. “Yay!” he texted me back “Are you coming home? I want to hug u

I think it was Jill who left a comment on my blog saying she understood the pace of my Corona Kimono.  The urgency I felt during the first weeks of the pandemic and how it eventually slowed was similar to the urgency she felt about the pandemic.

Now it seems the pace is picking up again as more and more people are vaccinated and the country is beginning to open up again.

As I near the last open spaces on my Corona Kimono, the pandemic seems to be coming full circle too.

A close-up of my Corona Kimono and how little I have left to fill.

4 thoughts on “Corona Kimono April 16, 2021

  1. Maria,

    Do you think this may be a piece of art that you keep for yourself? Very much a diary. So personal.


  2. Maria, you are right to be concerned about COVID. But I don’t think it will come full circle. In the USA, vaccines will help with that, even if we don’t reach herd immunity. I’m more concerned globally. Most European countries lag the USA. Vaccines in Africa are almost non-existent.

    1. I meant more that the circle was closing Doanld. I think my language was confusing. I find that I’m now beginning to do the things that I had to stop doing a year ago. I do think you’re right about the vaccines helping in the US, but globally it’s a different story.

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