Two Dragonfly Pillows

I continued working on my Dragonfly Pillow this morning.  I’m planning on making two,  I think they are both already sold.

I try to keep in mind that the pillow won’t be flat when it’s finished.  Just from making many pillows I have an idea which parts of the pillow are more prominent.  The edges have less visibility once the pillow is stuffed.

I used a heavy upholstery fabric for the backing which makes the pillow feel more substantial, less floppy.

I finished the first pillow this afternoon.  Then began working on the second.  I didn’t get too far but it’s a start.

6 thoughts on “Two Dragonfly Pillows

  1. Are the dragonfly pillows purchased yet?? how much will they be??
    I usually don’t buy pillows because my one dog ‘humps’ pillows like a sex crazed hussy – LOL. But I just love the fabrics, colors & textures.

    1. Thanks for the laugh Kim! A great way to start the morning. The pillows are sold I believe. If one becomes available I’ll let you know. THanks for asking. And just so you know they’re $100 and maybe a bit more with shipping. Shipping has gone up on some pieces of mail and I’m still figuring out the new pricing.

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