“Katz And Wulf On Animals”, Our New Call-In Radio Show Premieres Today



You can listen to Katz and Wulf on Animals today from 2-3 pm on WBTNAM.org.  Stream it live here or call in with your questions at 802 442-1010.   

I’m not really nervous.  I’ve been calling into Jon’s radio show Katz on Dogs in all its manifestations for a while.  And we’ve done many podcasts together.

But I did notice that I haven’t yet written about Jon and me doing a new radio show together. This one called Katz and Wulf on Animals.

It was Jon’s idea, he thought the show would work better if I were a co-host.  I can’t imagine doing a radio show alone, I’m not quick enough with my words and thoughts.  I would run out of things to say.

But Jon and I do enjoy working together in this way.

I have to admit that there’s something about the formality of going to a radio station and sitting in a booth behind a mic that seems a little unreal to me.  For years, I’ve watched Jon sit in those booths either being interviewed or cohosting a show, and never had the urge to join him.

But in a way co-hosting a radio show with Jon about animals feels like such a natural progression of the work we do separately and together on the farm and in our studios, that it doesn’t really feel new.

And yet there is something different about it.

Until now it’s always been me just calling into Jon’s show.  Jon does a lot of research and planning for his shows and I’ve just been able to jump in with a thought or two carrying on a conversation, then get back to work in my studio.  I haven’t thought about it much more than that.

But if the show is mine too, that changes things. Now the radio show becomes a part of my work.   I’m not really sure how that change will evolve.

But I think once I actually do this first show, I’ll begin to see it as mine as well as Jon’s.

So please join Jon and me this afternoon from 2-3 pm EST by listening or calling into our new radio show, Katz and Wulf on Animals on WBTNAM.org.  

You can stream it live here.  Or if you have a question you’d like to ask us you can call 802 442-1010 or e-mail Jon at  [email protected] or me at [email protected].  


4 thoughts on ““Katz And Wulf On Animals”, Our New Call-In Radio Show Premieres Today

  1. I know you will find your confidence in the same way you have done in other experiences.

    Robin’s pictures make me smile just thinking about them. In this photo he looks like he’s planning some mischief and waiting for you to look away!
    Am I noticing correctly that his eyes don’t have the horizontal line as the other sheep have?

    1. I appreciate that Laura.
      And that’s interesting about Robin’s eyes. They must have the same horizonal pupil, but it doen’t look that way in the photo. It’s hard to see his eyes up close, they’re very dark and small in his wooly face. But I’m going to get a better look.

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