Making Chicken Potholders

Some Chicken Potholders

Debbie from our  Farmers Market left the bag of linens with our curbside pickup.  I had seen her earlier in the week at the Co-op and she asked me if I could use some linen towels for my work.

One had teapots and another chicken.

This all happened about a month ago, but it’s just this week that the chickens inspired me to cut up the towel and make them into potholders.  Maybe it had to do with our new chicks.

Whatever it was, it’s been a pure joy making these potholders.  I have a few more chickens to salvage from the linen dish towel.  I hope to have them all designed by tomorrow and finished next week.

The linen dish towel that Debbie gave me.

9 thoughts on “Making Chicken Potholders

  1. If the potholder in the first row third one is not spoken for I would like to purchase it. Such a pretty blue.

  2. I have a good friend who has a lot of chickens and would like to send one of these to her. When you are ready to ship maybe I’ll have you send it direct (she’s in Florida). She will love it!

  3. Hello Maria. These are wonderful! May I please reserve 2 – the middle one of the top row, and the left one of the middle row (gray polkadot). I’m going to gift them to my client Cheri. She loves red and chickens. Please mail to:
    Cheri Cusumano
    5532 E Stella Lane
    Paradise Valley, AZ 85254
    And please add a note that says:
    Dear Cheri. Thank you for the friendship and the work!
    With love, Elisabeth
    Thank you Maria! Kind regards, Elisabeth

    1. Thank you Elisabeth. I’ll be happy to send the potholders to Cheri. I’ll email you about it. Should have these done by the end of next week.

  4. Maria, I just copied to a blank sheet the images of the chickens. I need to do that because at this time memory balks and when I get to draw something, I often blank out on an image. With these, I can use the shapes and choose material on hand. Oftentimes images are too intricate and difficult. These are simple and whoever did the artwork was excellent in portrayal. Simple and yet no mistake they are chickens. Thank you. No doubt the artist is no longer with us. Just excellent. Veronica

    1. I’m so glad you were inspired Veronica. I hope to see what you make of them. I do know what you mean about the simplicity of the shapes and how they really do “say” chicken.

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