The drawing I did in the little book that Kitty gave me while waiting for Jon

I’d sit in the car, reading my email then get out and take a walk around the parking lot.  I’d go back to the car and do a drawing then take another walk.  I did this, again and again, reading on my iPhone in the warmth of the car, then taking a walk, the cold air leaking through my sweater, my legs and back happy to be moving.

I was waiting for Jon who was having his eyes checked.  An appointment that he keeps every three months, sometimes needing laser surgery.

Today there was no surgery although it still took hours to find this out.  So I had plenty of time waiting, to catch up on articles I’ve been saving and to find inspiration in my surroundings.

There are times that waiting can be unbearable.  And there are times when it can be a space when nothing is expected so it offers a kind of freedom.  Today fell somewhere between the two.

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