The Orphaned Woods, A Tree Fell On The Little Waterfall

The dead tree fell during the winter.  One day I went for a walk in The Orphaned  Woods and there was the naked tree laying across the little waterfall.

I knew from the moment I saw it, that I would move it.  But it was too big to move in one piece. I’d have to cut it up.  It got to the point where I would avoid walking by the little waterfall, a place I love to visit because the tree was covering it.

So this afternoon, when I got stuck working on my quilt, I decided to try clearing the fallen tree from the waterfall.  Maybe, I thought, it would clear my mind for working on my quilt too.

I got the bow saw from the barn and called Fate and Zinnia to come with me.

The tree had been dead for a long time so it was easy to saw through.  But I had to cut it into several pieces because though soft, it was still heavy for me to move.

At one point my saw got stuck in the tree.  Earlier Fate had brought me a big branch to throw for her, so I used it as a wedge under the trunk to could get my saw loose.

I didn’t get the whole tree off the waterfall. I wore myself out sawing and dragging the logs off of the stream and path.

But when I go back it will be easier work.  I probably just have to cut the remaining trunk in half and will be able to move the two pieces.

I hope to finish it up sometime this week.


3 thoughts on “The Orphaned Woods, A Tree Fell On The Little Waterfall

    1. I’ve learned how to move big heavy things by myself Sharon. I take things apart and drag them on rugs, walk them or turn them top over bottom. I’ve found it’s usually doable. 🙂

  1. Moving big things is one thing but sawing through that tree…WOW!!!!! I am so impressed!!!!

    You are indeed a superwoman!!! You must have a lot of strength in your arms to do that! Be careful when you go to finish the job! And I hope the waterfall survives being ambushed from above by the tree!

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