Kitty and Anne, Still In The House and Growing Feathers

Kitty on my hand and Ann in the box

Our chicks Kitty and Anne seem to grow every day. Yesterday their tail feather sprouted. The feathers in their wings appeared a couple of days ago, and today I can see how much darker the feathers in Anne’s wings are than Kitty’s.

Brahma chickens can be either gray, brown or white.  I’m wondering what color Kitty and Anne will turn as they grow up.

We originally planned to move the chicks into the barn over the weekend but it was still cold out. Then we decided to move them today.  But they still look too small to me to be outside. I know this isn’t rational. The first time we had chicks, they were never in the house at all.

I guess it has to do with my wanting to get to know these two better.  I guess it’s because I’m already attached to them.

So this morning instead of moving them into the barn, I moved them into a big plastic container and put them in the laundry room.  It’s pretty much the same setup, only a little bigger. I put a wire top on it and it’s near the window so the chicks will get some sunlight and be able to see around them more.

There’s a bigger rock in their new home that Kitty loves to stand on.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll put in another one in so Anne will have a rock to stand on too.

Kitty’s tail feathers coming in and the feathers on her wings which were not there a week ago when we got them.


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