The Pink Supermoon and My New Quilt

The full moon last night over The Orphaned Wood with ducks flying by.

The moon seemed to grow out of the treetops like a flower last night.  The pink aura which my camera seemed to create adds to the illusion. I sent my photo of the moon to my friend Suzy.  We often trade full moon photos.

Last nights moon was a supermoon, meaning it was closer to the earth because of its elliptical orbit. It was also known as the Pink Moon, because of the pink flowers that grow this time of year.

But the moon in the trees also reminded me of one of Carol Conklin’s batiks that I was thinking of using in my new quilt.  I pulled it out yesterday, the colors and subject matter working so well with my “pottery shard” quilt pieces.

Carol Conklins’s fabric print batik

First I finished up framing the last two shards, then I tried to figure out how they would all become a whole quilt.

By the end of the day, this is what I came up with. I may keep adding fabric to the individual pieces until they collide and fit together. But I won’t know for sure until I start working on it.

This is a bit of a different way for me to work on a quilt, having the pieces all set within the space of the quilt.  It’s sure to change as I continue to work on it.  Right now I can’t picture it finished, but I do know it will happen.

Although I believe these are Gray Crowned Cranes, (the fabric is from Africa) I liked their association with the Heron who came back to the farm last week.

5 thoughts on “The Pink Supermoon and My New Quilt

  1. My word, this quilt will look fantastic. I love how the full moons in the two batiks coordinate with the aqua circle fabric, and the color-matching but movement-opposites of the still herons and the airborne butterflies, with both grounded trees and flowing water in the batiks. Is there any better inspiration than nature?

  2. Maria, would it be possible for me to pre-purchase your ‘Moon Quilt’? You have posted other items on your site that I would have Loved to purchase, but were already going to some other lucky individual. I have no time frame, just knowing I would be the proud recipient when your quilt is finished would be So Amazing. Thank you for your consideration. Kimberly

    1. Hi Kimberly. Thank you for asking about my quilt. Yes, you are the first to ask about it. When it’s done, I’ll send you a photo and if it still works for you, it’s yours. It’s $425 + $25 shipping. I’ll email you about it also. Thanks again!

  3. Maria,
    What a beautiful quilt. I understand Kimberly asked first, but if for any reason she changes her mind, can I be in the waitlist? Thanks again for sharing your process, creating such beautiful and healing art.
    in peace and gratitude, Carol ❣️

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