Kitty and Anne Visit The Mansion

Julie with Kitty  Photo by Jon Katz

I was scheduled to teach my first art class at The Mansion today.

But then Jon called and said that we could bring the chicks.  So I changed my plans.  I cut up some pieces of linen. Stitched a zigzag around the edge to keep it from fraying and practiced an easy way to draw chicks using two circles.  We’d draw a chick and maybe some flowers on the pieces of linens then I’d string all the drawings together to make a banner.

But we never got to even drawing the chicks.

We spent the hour watching the chicks, holding them and talking about chickens and roosters.

There were five woman who showed up for the class. Claudia was the only one I knew from before the pandemic closed down The Mansion to visitors over a year ago.

I met Debra who just moved in a few days ago.  And I found out that Julie loves to embroider and sew.

Claudia told us about the rooster that used to chase her when she rode her bike when she was a kid.  And Peggy told me how she learned to ride horses after she got married.

I was surprised at how the chicks easily adapted to being held.  Kitty perched on Clara’s hand quite comfortably, and both chicks enjoyed it when Claudia was petting their backs.

I never would have thought of bringing the chicks to The Mansion.  I’m glad Jon suggested it and we were allowed to bring them.

I think it was good for all of us including the chicks.

Claudia feeding the chicks.    Photo by Jon Katz

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