My New Quilt Continued….

Bellydancing took it out of me last night.  I’ve been  Zoom dancing in my studio for months but it’s not like being in a classroom and dancing in person with other people.   We also had twenty minutes of Tribal Workout before class began.  This is something that one of my teachers, Julz, came up with.  It a combination of dance and muscle strengthening movement.

After dinner, I went right to bed completely forgetting to post a picture of the work I’d done on my quilt.

So here it is so far.  Laying awake this morning I had the idea to continue the horizontal lines like the ones around Carol’s moon and tree batiks.  I won’t be using the same fabric. I don’t have anymore although I feel like the softer color might have worked.   But I trust I’ll find something the right thing.

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