Shearing Next Friday

Robin with a mouthful of grass.

I got in touch with Liz yesterday, she’s coming to shear the sheep next Friday afternoon.  I won’t be shearing Constance or Merricat or Robin (obviously) but everyone else will be shorn.

9 thoughts on “Shearing Next Friday

  1. What a doll baby, I just want to run my fingers through that soft curly wool! I’m so excited to buy one of your samplers this time around! Your wool is so nice to knit with. P.S. My granddaughters love their wool slippers, they want some wool mittens for Christmas this year. Thanks for all the sweet pics of Robin as he grows up!

    1. I think he will have very nice wool Josie. It makes me smile to think of you using the wool from my sheep to make slippers (and maybe mitten :)) for your granddaughters. Thank you! And as I’m sure you already know, Robin’s wool won’t be in the sampler, but there will be plenty from the other sheep.

  2. I want to squish his little face too. He is just too adorable. I think my family might be getting tired of seeing all the pictures of Robin. And then the baby chicks. So So cute. Thank you Maria. I so love all the animals and the babies especially.

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