Evidence Of An Old Garden

Evidence of where a garden used to be, these tulips sprout from the grass in the corner of the yard by the stone wall.  It’s the same area where the Naked Ladies and purple Iris grow.

This morning while brushing Fanny and Lulu, a bird at the very top of the apple tree was impossible to ignore.  I could barely make him out, so plain colored and small.  But his song was so complex and varied at first I was sure it was many birds calling to each other.

I stood my head in the pink budding branches, listening.  Fanny followed, butting me with her nose because I had abandoned her.

When I looked up, the barn swallows shot out of the barn, towards the marsh, then circleing like bats.  They came back on Friday, the same day the tulip opened.

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4 thoughts on “Evidence Of An Old Garden

  1. Maria there’s a very easy to use phone app called BirdNET that records the bird sounds – analyzes the sound and suggests what bird is singing the song. Quite accurate and fun to use.

  2. ‘All things hidden will be revealed’ and I add, because your name will be attached. And how nice when what we leave are the things revealed that make us proud! I think Maria, of someone attached to whoever owned the garden and is now warmed with memories. Be they visible or not. I grin with joy that somehow from a past these tulips still found energy to greet the sun. Truly life is everlasting, is it not? Thank you for this Sunday school lesson. Everything teaches. Veronica

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