Making My Grease Stains Wearable

The salvaged grease stain

I’ve only had the dress for about a year so I was really disappointed when I stuck my fork in a piece of kielbasa and it squirted grease all over me.

I took my dress right off and rinsed it under cold water, then rubbed it with soap and put it in the wash.  But after a day and night on the line, the grease was still there.  So I googled how to get rid of it and found some detailed instructions using baking soda and vinegar.

I knew there was little chance of it working since I’d already washed the dress, and when they suggested going through the whole procedure more than once I knew I’d never do it.

So I pulled a black Sharpie out of the cup of pens on the dining room table and turned the grease stains into what they looked like to me.

It took about ten minutes, was fun and now I’ll wear the dress again. I did this once before with a T-shirt that I loved and it worked out just fine.

The grease stain on my dress

12 thoughts on “Making My Grease Stains Wearable

  1. Love this. Now we need to see it on to get a sense of where the designs fall. You are making me laugh but I’m truly inspired. Dress saved. Hurrah!

  2. Maria, I’m pretty sure you are the only one who would even think of doing this. Let’s hear it for kielbasa! A tasty source of artistic inspiration. And very good humor.

    1. The drawing actually fall nicely to the left of the dress. I suppose it would be different it they fell right on one

  3. Maria, you are so creative. what I do for stains is Put a squirt of Dawn dish soap on the stain and scrub it with a toothbrush and let it set for 30 minutes or longer. It work most of the time.

  4. Maria, This is brilliant. I can’t wait to show my grandkids how we can save the clothes they think are ruined. You have a very creative mind. Looking forward to the picture.

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