Kitty and Anne, Curious Chicks

Kitty and Anne looking outside their world.

I just moved the chicks, Kitty and Anne into a bigger crate (it’s actually Buds crate, but he has two) over the weekend.  It’s like a chick playground.  A rock to stand on, a high roosting branch and another branch to climb on.  There’s plenty of food and water of course, and a chick stick for them to peck at.

But it’s almost as if they’ve already worn out their new home and are looking to see what else is going on in the world around them.

They are curious chicks and eventually they’ll be in the barn, still in the crate with a heat lamp and in the company of the newly arrived barn swallows.  I wonder what they’ll make of that.

Kitty and Anne

You can see the feathers on Anne’s feet in this photo.  The chicks are no longer little yellow balls of fluff.  Their beaks are much more prominent with recognizable markings and when they’re standing straight up, you can see the down at the tops of their legs like pantaloons.

2 thoughts on “Kitty and Anne, Curious Chicks

  1. That makes me laugh! My Maine Coons cat has fur on the top of his hind legs that look like pantaloons as well! Such a funny old fashioned word.

    1. I actually looked it up to make sure I was using it right Lois. It really fits though. Funny your Maine Coons have the same. Makes me think of Puss in Boots. 🙂

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