Pink Moon Quilt, Front and Back

The back of my Pink Moon Quilt

I knew the colors were right, but I also had a feeling that the fitted sheet would be just the right size to use as a backing for my Pink Moon quilt.

And it was, with a few inches to spare on top and bottom.  I only had to add to the sides.  For that, the green striped curtains I got at the thrift store on Friday were perfect.  I didn’t realize just how nicely these two pieces of fabric worked together till I sewed them to each other and laid them out on my studio floor.   Maybe I’ll use the scraps to make something.

Above is the quilt and the backing face to face.  This is how I get the right size and shape of the backing. Next, I cut the back of the quilt to size using the top of the quilt as a pattern. My quilts are never “square” so this is the best way to get the right size and shape.

After cutting the backing I lay the cotton batting on top of it all and cut that to size.  Then I pin it and sew it all together.

Now Pink Moon is hanging on its side, ready to be tacked.  I’m going to use a brown yarn to tack it with.  I’m hoping to get that done tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Pink Moon Quilt, Front and Back

  1. Breathtaking Maria ….. there are no words, to watch your artwork become Such A Beautiful Quilt! LOVE IT! Kimberly

    1. Oh THank you Kimberly. I’m always a little wary of selling a quilt before it’s finished, but I’m glad this worked out so well.

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