Breakfast With Minnie And The Hens

Minnie and the hens

You’ll never see Flo sharing a meal with the hens, but when I scatter crumbs on the ground for the hens, Minnie is right there with them.  The hens can get pushy when it comes to sharing Minnie’s food.  But I make sure she’s had her fill before inviting the chickens to join her.

You can see Flo watching it all from my Rapunzel Chair on the porch.

2 thoughts on “Breakfast With Minnie And The Hens

  1. Maria, I absolutely LOVE seeing your beautiful photos every day! They mean even more to me because I forward a copy almost every day to my special needs daughter who also loves to receive them…I name them “Photo of the Day” for her! 🙂 This is a fantastic picture of Minnie and the hens…I think the hens are her favorite so I send her the little videos as well.

    1. Well, thank you, Fran. And I love to hear that your daughter gets enjoyment from my photos too. You’re a good mom to know what she likes and send them along to her.

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