Dragonfly Larvae

It was this past November that I learned about Dragonfly larvae.  Katleen had sent me a card with a dragonfly on it  that also said dragonflies “spend years in the water then come out and transform into the adults we see”. 

That got me looking for dragonfly larvae.  And today I found one.  I was taking a video of some aquatic grass growing in the stream when the dragonfly larvae appeared.

I’ve read that there are lots of different types of Dragonfly larvae.  They grow at different rates and some live in water for years before they eventually climb up a plant that is growing out of the water and not unlike a butterfly, they turn into a dragonfly.

You can read more about Dragonfly Larvae here. 

2 thoughts on “Dragonfly Larvae

  1. We have a good sized pond on our property so we get lots of dragonflies, which is probably why we don’t have many mosquitos. I call the big blue ones that appear in late summer, “The Big Boppers.”

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