Robin In The Sunshine

The sun finally came out after days of rain.  So out came my iPhone this morning while the sheep grazed and Fate ran round and round them.

I had a few good pictures, but when I saw this one of Robin, I laughed out loud.  That’s how I knew it would be my first picture of the day.

11 thoughts on “Robin In The Sunshine

  1. Robin is such a delight! I think there is a children’s book to be written about Robin. Perhaps you know a writer and photographer? Or an artist to illustrate?
    I could even see working his color into the story. After all, there are all colors of sheep living harmoniously on his farm.
    I have really enjoyed watching Robin survive and thrive !

  2. Robin is just so adorable. He puts a smile on my face every time I see his picture …. and when you post a video of him frolicking and kicking up his heels – that puts it right over the top! 🙂

  3. Has there ever been a creature more pleased with himself, his life and his world? I think not.

  4. He is SO cute that he makes me chuckle. And, oh, that sunshine on his wool makes me want to run my fingers through it.

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