Hearts and Rooster Potholders

The  Hearts and Rooster Potholders I designed today.

Two things influenced and inspired the Hearts and Rooster Potholders I designed today.  One was the linen tea towel that Debby from our Farmers Market gave me.  The other was a conversation I had with Emily during our last Studio Chat.

Our conversation was about the idea of pattern-on-pattern.  I’ve been drawn to pattern-on-pattern ever since I first saw an exhibit of Henri Matisse’s paintings when I was in High School.  I was telling Emily how I was using a lot of patterned fabric together in my latest quilt Pink Moon, but also how I always hold back a little.

“Next time, don’t hold yourself back,” she said to me.

I didn’t realize that  I took her advice when making these potholders until I looked at the first few I had made.  The only solid color in all of them is the red stripes on the Potholder with the two girls holding hands.  (I have to admit I chose them first because they reminded me of the ghost sisters in the movie “The Shining”.  I’m not sure how that squares with all those hearts.)

I get that some of these Potholders would have probably been perfect around Valentine’s Day.  I was really drawn to the fabric with the roses on it as well as the hearts.   Roosters made their way into the potholders too, but I think that had more to do with the fact that the colors were right.

I’m not sure why I was drawn to the hearts and Roosters, could be a spring thing I suppose,  but I don’t think I have to have all the answers.

I’ll work on finishing these up this week and hopefully have them ready to post in my Etsy Shop on Friday.

The tea towel Debbie Gave me.

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