No Shearing Today


Liz got in touch with me yesterday and unfortunately, she has a medical issue and won’t be coming to shear the sheep.

She did put me in touch with Ian who has been to the farm to help her in the past.  I also have a couple of other shearer’s names that we got from a friend and I have calls into them, just in case Ian can’t get here.

It’s important to have the sheep shorn every six months so their wool is the right length for making into yarn.  If we wait too long to shear them in the spring, their wool won’t be long enough when I shear them again in October.

I’m also on a schedule with the Vermont Fiber Mill, so I have to get the wool to them on time for them to process it.

I’m only shearing nine sheep this spring.  The three lambs, Merricat, Constance and Robin will be shorn in the fall.  Lori’s wool is a bit thin, which is normal after giving birth. But I will shear her too.  She’s just have less wool.   Everyone else has a full coat of wool and is ready to be shorn.

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