Sitting With The Chicks

Kitty and Anne exploring the laundry room

It’s not often we have chicks in the house.  They really do seem to get a little bigger every day.  Now they’re more feathers than fluff.   Their feet grew so long I had to put a thicker branch in the crate for them to roost on.

And they’re curious too. They keep testing out their wings to see exactly how they work and poking their heads out the door when I change their water or give them more food.

Today they looked to me like they wanted to do some exploring.  And I wanted to watch them.

So I closed the door to the laundry room where the chicks are, took them out, and sat on the floor.

Anne perched on my feet and flapped her wings


I watched them wander around, hop on my legs and peck the dried mealworms I place there.  The room is small but still, they never strayed too far from me.  They pecked at my boot and leggins and socks.  They were curious and seemed unafraid of their new surroundings.

At one point Kitty walked onto my open hand, I felt a vibration in her feet, like a cat purring.   When I Googled it, I discovered it’s called “foot trembling” and is “used to induce insects to move in order to reveal their location.”

I couldn’t help thinking about how chickens experience the world in such a different way than we do.  And how little I know about them.



2 thoughts on “Sitting With The Chicks

  1. Wonder if they noticed their reflections in the pail in the laundry room. Interesting to know about the “foot trembling,” too.

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