At The Bronx Zoo

Robin and Jon at the Bronx Zoo

The last time we saw Jon’s daughter Emma and his granddaughter Robin was at the Bronz Zoo over a year ago.  We debated at the time if we should go since whispers of the pandemic were getting louder every day.

Yesterday we were back at the zoo and everyone, including the bronze Rhinos, was wearing masks. (Robin and Jon took theirs off for this photo) .

To me, these trips to the zoo are a great way to get together with Robin and Emma and her husband Jay.  I completely surrender to the day.  Whenever there are more than two people involved in a trip, things can get complicated.  So I take a backseat and go where everyone else wants to go.  And at the zoo, I’m happy to see any of the animals. And just as content to rest on a bench in the sun listening to the sounds of nature and making light conversation or playing word games with Robin.

I’m not so good at visiting people for long stays.  I’d rather have something to do together or something new to see together.

There was a time in my life when I was trying to please everyone around me, no matter who they were and at a detriment to myself.  But I am learning what my boundaries are.  How to take care of myself without being self-absorbed.  How to find compromises that don’t subvert my “self”.

To my delight, Robin and I seemed to share the same kind of observational enjoyment of the animals.

I don’t know how long we squatted together on the floor in the Madagascar Exhibit watching the Lemurs and Tortoise.  I do know I never felt rushed to leave, that Emma was patient enough to let us stay as long as we did.  And I also got to marvel at the many different species of mice in the Mouse House.  All of which Robin knew and was eager to be able to show to someone who hadn’t seen them before.

I love going to the Zoo just with Jon, being on our own time and settling into our own pace.  But joining Emma and Robin at the zoo is another kind of fun.  And a good place to meet halfway and get together.

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  1. Love the Rhino. I foster 2 at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. Maxwell was found at a young age and is totally blind so he can never be released to the wild. Apollo was found as an infant whose mother had died. He’s going on 2 years and will eventually released. I also foster one of the orphaned elephants. Look them up on their website and on FB. They post a lot of wonderful videos about the animals. If Emma and Robin don’t know about the Trust it might be something they’d enjoy.

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