Working On A Koi Quilt

I can barely keep track of all the fabric that I’ve received in the mail in the past couple of weeks.

I finally got it all washed, ironed and folded.  And as I did, I left some pieces out on my studio floor.  These oddly shaped pieces of koi fabric made me want to use them in a similar way that I used the woven Guatemalan fabric in my Pink Moon quilt.  They seemed like the natural next step.

Yesterday, I got a bag of fabric from Fran, and when opened it up, there was the fabric that would work perfectly between the koi.

Next I added a border…

I was disappointed when I looked at the photos I took during the day as I was making the quilt and they reproduced so poorly on my computer.  The photos are much darker and muddier than in reality.

Tomorrow I’ll try taking pictures of the quilt outside.  I  hope the colors will be more accurate.

At this point, the quilt seemed to be too serious.  I wanted to brighten and lighten it up.  And clam it down a bit.  I found just the thing in an old quilt top.


..the orange and black cat fabric is more about color and pattern than cats.


This is as far as I got today.

I took a new picture of the quilt this morning, in my studio hanging on the wall.  It is more accurate in color. 


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