The Chicks Out Grow Another Crate

Anne on my hand

The chicks have once again outgrown their crate.  This time they really are going in the barn. They have to, the next dog crate they go into belonged to Frieda and it’s too big to fit in the laundry room.

Anyway, everything about them is getting bigger, including their pop and their smell.

They’re harder to tell apart too, the markings on the top of their heads are fading.  For now, Kitty is bigger than Anne, so I distinguish them that way.

We’ve had them for three weeks today.

I’ll keep the heat lamp on them for another two weeks or so then it will be time for them to go outside.  We’ll have to introduce them into the chicken coop with the other hens slowly.  They have to be big enough to protect themselves otherwise the adult hens can hurt or kill them.

Anne and Kitty too big for their crate.


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