Backyard Hug

“Get the sheep!” I called to Fate as she stared at me eagerly, her tongue already long.  The sheep and donkeys were busy grazing in the pasture.  I looked to the house for a moment and saw Jon framed by the blossoming crab apple, watering the growing flowers.

I motioned with my hand for Fate to make another circle around the sheep and snapped a few photos.

Although our house sits on a main road, the side yard has always felt like a protected space to me. The placement of the house, barn and my studio along with the big old Birch and apple tree, create a circle that always feels to me like walking into a hug.

Watching Jon nurture that loving space fills my heart with gratitude that we are here together.

6 thoughts on “Backyard Hug

  1. I’m missing your radio show! My border collie of 12 years recently died and I am about to embark on life with a new puppy and I have so many questions. I hope you will post a call for questions before your next podcast.

    1. Trish, Yes, please email me with your questions we’re sure to do a podcast this weekend. Thanks for asking. I’ll email you too.

  2. I’d heard mention of The Birch tree but don’t ever recall seeing a photo showing her in it’s entirety: she is one grand old dame, and with some sway to her in what looks like a pleated skirt! I wonder if it was the Wahlwraths (am I spelling the prior owners name correctly?) who planted her? She and The Apple tree seem like a watchful pair, guardians of the land, no? I love trees…..sigh.

    1. I know I have a photo of her in the moonlight, but I took that a while ago Amy. They do seem to be a pair and guardians is just the right word. I don’t know if the Walrath’s planted them. I’d have to look and see how long these two trees live. I believe Florence lived here for 80 years.

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