Mystical Cat Potholders

I saw the cats as I tossed the fabric in the washing machine.  They were unlike the other pieces of fabric that Karen sent to me.  Not only was each square the perfect size to make a potholder around, but they had a mystical feeling to me, like tarot cards. Each with their own mysterious message.

I knew right away that they would work best in the same way I made some Dragonfly potholders a couple of years ago.

A part of me thought, they would be too easy, too much fun to make.  Like they had to be difficult or labored over to be good.  That’s an idea that I rejected long ago, but still haunts me sometimes, as it did today.

But not for long.

Instead, I thought of the idea of taking the path of least resistance. Which always conjures up an image of a flowing stream finding its way around a fallen tree.

There are enough struggles in life without creating unnecessary ones.

The cats were in a grid of nine squares and I quickly got to work cutting them apart and finding the fabric I’d be using with them.  Lots of it was fabric that I just received in the past couple of weeks from other people.  I don’t know how that works, this coming together of fabric from so many different people and places at just the right time.

But I’ve come to trust it.

So today, after lunch with my friend and batik artist, Carol Conklin I got started making some mystical cat potholders.  It was a pure delight and I can’t wait to work on the rest of them.

The first Four Mystical Cat Potholders

12 thoughts on “Mystical Cat Potholders

  1. Fabulous! Sure to sell quickly. And what great energy will go into them if they are indeed easy and fun.

  2. This reminds me of that expression, “It takes a village … “. Different fabrics from different people in different places all coming together to create these unique potholders. Unity in art!

  3. I would love two of the potholders. In the top picture is a black/gray cat and to the right the black and orange cats. I would love both. I would also love to buy a Robin magnet. I have PayPal and my email is [email protected]

    Thanks so much,

    Marion McCann

    1. Yes, Marion, I have those two for you. I’ll have them done next week. I”ll email you to be sure you know. Thanks so much!

  4. Hi Maria:
    I would like three of your cat potholders. Starting with the red square design, then the orange bordered one and finally the blue one. If they are available that would be great, no rush:)

  5. I see the blue Siamese is already spoken for but if you make anymore in blue please sign me up! They are fantastic.

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