The Milk Snakes Of Bedlam Farm

The milk snake by the back porch wrapped around a sprout.

The first year we moved to the farm a very big milk snake appeared under our kitchen sink.  I put it outside and we’ve never seen a snake in the house again.

Last week when Mike came to cut the grass he told me about the milk snake by the stonewall.   The next morning I looked for the snake and there it was, in the grass getting warmed by the sun.

Today a milk snake, big enough to eat a mouse, was curled up by the back porch.  I’m not sure if this is the same snake.  When I opened the bilco doors to the basement there was another much smaller snake, making its way into a crack in the cement.

Then later, I found an even smaller snake in the driveway.  I picked that one up and put it next to the foundation of the house knowing she’d be safer there.

I’ve never seen so many milk snakes in our yard.  This may just be a good year for them, or maybe because Mike pointed out the one and said he’d be keeping an eye out for it when he mows, I’m more aware of them.  (He said the vibration from the mower usually scared the snakes away.

I do know I’ll be on the lookout for milk snakes in the grass and around the stone walls. I like the idea of having a few regular garden snakes.

The baby milk snake I found in the driveway.


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