Shipping Morning, Recycled Not Compostable

The “wrong” shipping envelopes and Robin Magnets.

“Oh good,” I said out loud although I  was the only one in the room.  The envelope with three magnets in it weighed between two and three ounces, which meant I got to use my Walt Whitman stamp.   I don’t get to use them often.  Most of my envelopes get a regular stamp or a two-ounce stamp.

But I love to see Walt’s face on one of my envelopes.  “Oh me, Oh life “it’s the little things….

I spent the morning sending out Robin Magnets and my latest batch of Potholders.  Two sold while I was working on my shipping which left only Flowers and Roosters in my Etsy Shop.

Noissue, the company where I get my compostable shipping envelopes sent me their 100% recycled envelopes by mistake.  When I let them know, they immediately shipped out the right envelopes.  But that leaves me with 250 recycled envelopes to use also.   So those of you who are used to getting my black compostable envelopes, you’ll be getting the green recycled ones instead for a while.

They are reusable so maybe they’ll have a third life once they reach their destination.

Shipping used to be a trial for me.  I was always worried that the packages wouldn’t get to where they were going, or that I charged too much or not enough for shipping.  But after thirteen years, I pretty much have it down, even though I’ve never actually calculated the exact price of everything that goes into packing and mailing my art.

In all these years, I’ve only had a few packages not reach their destination or get there damaged.  I’ve come to really appreciate the post office and the people who work there.

Especially this past year.

Writing this makes me think it’s time to drop off some more cookies or chocolate to Wendy and Jody at my Post Office.

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