Hens and Chicks

Kitty and Anne are spending the day in their crate, outside my studio window so I can keep an eye on them.

This moring I sprinkled some dried mealworms inside and just outside their crate.  Once again the hens seemed to care more about the worms than the chicks. But Kitty and Anne were curious about these big birds outside their door.

You can see the similar feather colors on White Hen and the chicks. There’s a pink space between the feather on their head just above their beak where their comb will grow.

I do wonder what they think of the hens. If they know they’re the same.  We’ve had them for four weeks today.  Next week they should be big enough to go outside.

2 thoughts on “Hens and Chicks

    1. He never came Kim. I was just thinking I need to write about it. Every week we call the shop and every week they say he’ll be here next week. At this point I don’t think he’s coming at all.

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