Robin and Fanny

Robin and Fanny with Fate looking on

Robin was hanging out with the donkeys this morning. I’m not sure what that’s about, maybe he’s trying to figure out where he fits in.

Fanny and Lulu didn’t seem to mind when he stood between them at the gate.  It could be he’s beginning to wonder why they get treats in the morning and he doesn’t.

The past few days he’s been grazing with Merricat and not hanging around Lori so much.  I think that works for her.  She definitely tired of nursing him.  More and more he’s doing things without her.

One thought on “Robin and Fanny

  1. Well, it looks like Robin fits right in with Fanny’s rehearsal of a chorus line! I mean, I knew the dogs learned “photo op! and “go wake him (her) up!” as Bedlam Farm-specific commands, but seriously!? Now you’ve added “Rockettes stance”?! Outstanding!

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