Stacking Wood


The sheep and donkeys grazing this morning.

My allergies work me up early this morning.  It was easier to get up than stay in bed sniffling and sneezing.

Also, we got our first delivery of wood last night and I was on fire to move last year’s wood into the woodshed so I could stack this year’s wood as it comes.  We get it delivered a cord at a time and I don’t like it to pile up.

I didn’t get all the old wood moved, but I got a good start.

I’ve come to really enjoy stacking wood.  I have a running story that goes through my head when I do.  There’s no plot or narrative, just moments in a woman’s life who lives alone on a small farm.  Unlike me, she keeps to herself and doesn’t fret over her decisions. There are things about her that I admire and some things that I find sad. Often I put her in situations that I’ve had to deal with to see what she’ll do.

She’s always braver than I am and more detached.

I guess this running story is a way of contemplating my own life, and it also gives my mind something to do as I stack the wood.


6 thoughts on “Stacking Wood

  1. Gosh. When I am stacking my firewood (or more often, when I am thinking I should be stacking my firewood but am not), I am frequently thinking of Maria, and how she would actually be doing the work instead of just thinking she should be. Hmmmm….

  2. You should write your thoughts down after staking wood, it mite make an interesting book. I would buy it.

    1. Honestly Uta, I can’t imagine writing a book. I have come to love writing these small pieces for my blog though. And thank you.:)

  3. Just think of your blog as a series of short stories. Very short stories. And voila! A book was written without your even knowing it. ;-}

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