An Eclectic Batch Of Potholders

My new batch of potholders

It’s an eclectic mix of Potholders I designed today.  I emptied out my scrap box and added the scraps that Nancy sent me too.   Then I sewed and sewed.

The first potholder always takes the longest.  It’s like a warm-up.  As I get into a rhythm, they begin to flow. That’s when it’s the most fun.

I’ll finish these up next week (I plan on working on my  Summer quilt tomorrow) and then put them up for sale in my Etsy Shop. 

2 thoughts on “An Eclectic Batch Of Potholders

  1. Those are some fun potholders! You have inspired me to drag out my scrap bin and begin some gifts for the holidays. I also have to start working on my granddaughter Samanthas quilt. She graduates from high school next year and I have cut a square from everything I’ve ever sewn for her and I want to make them into a quilt she can take with her to college. Sorta like having a warm gramma hug away from home. Thank you for your inspiration, you make beautiful art!

    1. Oh Josie, that is so sweet. I love that she’ll have a grandma hug in that way. Glad to be able to inspire. I get inspired by all the scraps people send me, so I know how it feels. Enjoy!

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