Summer Quilt, Dragonfly and Sailboat

I spent part of the day working on my potholders but saved some time in the afternoon to work on my  Summer Quilt. 

I’m beginning by pairing up the embroidered pieces with the patchwork squares I put together the other day.  Dragonfly came easy, then I worked on the Sailboat piece.

For me, the sailboat piece feels dreamy and exotic while the dragonfly feels soothing and restful.

It feels like a good start and I’m looking forward to getting back into the studio on Monday.

3 thoughts on “Summer Quilt, Dragonfly and Sailboat

  1. Maria, I love the originality of your quilts. In between work and life, I am teaching my self to quilt (baby quilts). I am reading a lot of blogs on quilting as well as a few books. What I am confused about it the quilting people do on sewing machines or with a “long arm” vs. “tacking”. On your quilts, what is tacking and do you tack and then “quilt “ on your sewing machine or a long arm. Or do you tack and don’t do any type of machine quilting? Anyways, I am very interested in your process as I so admire your work.

    1. Good for you Gail. Tacking isn’t done one a machine, it’s tying yarn through the quilt to hold it together. So I don’t actually do any “quilting” which is the stitches that function the same way as tacking. A long arm machine makes machine quilting a lot easier. HOpe that is helpful and have fun!

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