Sewing My Potholders Together

I worked on finishing off some potholders today. I feel like I’ve been making potholders for so long everyone knows the process of putting them together, but I’m sure that’s probably not true.

So here’s how it goes…

First, they get a layer of cotton batting.  As you can see in this photo, I pieced together some scraps of batting for the last potholder.

Somewhere during this time, usually when I finish designing the potholders, I make the loop, which is just a thin stitched strip of fabric.

Then I add a piece of insulated batting.   This photo shows the front of a potholder, the cotton batting, and the insulated batting.  The last potholder shows the backing face to face with the front of the potholder and the hanger pinned to the corner, closed-loop facing in.

These are the last stages of sewing my potholders together.  The first one is the potholder backing sewn to the front.  The second is after I turned it inside out with the opening still open. The last is after I hand stitch the opening on the bottom.

And here are all four potholders.  These are already sold and ready for their new home.


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