Bud On Patrol

Bud snakes his way through my hosta’s, disappearing under the broad leaves and reappearing on the other end of the garden.  This time of year, when the chipmunks are active, Bud is always on patrol.

One minute he’s patiently watching for the hens at the gate, the next  I see him out of the corner of my eye prowling past my window.  Then I hear the swish of hosta leaves again and know the chipmunk made an appearance.

He got a vole once, which he ate most of, but so far, nothing else that I’m aware of.

This morning he ran outside with the treat Jon gave him sticking out of his mouth.  Bud won’t put the treat down or Fate will steal it.  So he ran around the yard looking like Edward G Robinson with a cigar hanging out of his mouth.

The ultimate thug.

We make sure to give Bud some downtime in the house this time of year.  But every chance he gets he runs out the back door, even pushing it open when we’re not looking.

Like Jon and me, he can get obsessive about his work.


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