The Chicks Got Out

I accidentally left the barn gate unlatched and our chicks got out of the barn.

Bud sounded the alarm and wasn’t I surprised to look out my window and see a chick instead of one of the hens who I assumed Bud was barking at.

Kitty was hanging around the Lilac bush by my studio, one of the hen’s favorites haunts. But Anne went in the other direction and encountered Brown Hen and White Hen.

The chicks knew just what to do, scratch around and eating things and learning to avoid the hens. But since I’ll be at Bellydancing this evening,  I didn’t want to leave them wandering around. So I got them back in the barn and this time made sure the gate was latched.

Anne exploring the rest of the barn before going back to her crate.

5 thoughts on “The Chicks Got Out

    1. When I first saw her walking around I was confused and though she was White Hen. That didn’t last long but I guess it took my brain a moment to adjust to the reality.

    1. Yes Sheila and the Anne seemed to get it. I don’t think they’re ready to be in the coop together yet. We heard from one farmer that the hens won’t see them as fellow chickens till the start clucking instead of peeping. So the chicks still have their won crate to go back into for now.

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