The Path To The Woods

The gate to the woods

The sun finally came out after three days of cold rain.  All yesterday I looked longingly out my studio window.  I wanted to be outside and do all the work in the gardens I didn’t do over the rainy weekend.

Finally, at 6 pm I brought the animals in from the back pasture.

Then I went back to the barn and got the five-gallon bucket with mulch and ten saplings that came in the mail from the Arbor Day Society that afternoon. I carried the bucket in one hand,  laid a shovel across the top of the lawnmower, and pushed it back out to the pasture with the other.

I knew if I didn’t mow the path into the woods soon, the grasses would be too high to get the mower through.  Soon the grasses would be over my head and I wouldn’t have access to woods till the fall.

I  mowed a path through the gate, then rolled the mower over the Gulley Bridge on two wheels. I continued mowing a path to the break in the stone wall.  The threshold into the woods.

I planted the ten saplings in the woods near the stream.  I chose a spot in a grove of small hornbeam trees, where the soil is rich and moist and I can keep an eye on them. And they’re close enough to the steam so I can water them easily.

Today was another warm sunny day.  But now it looks like it might rain.  That would be okay with me and fine for the little trees too.


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  1. This is a glorious photo and post Maria. I’m still reading regularly even if I don’t comment often. No doubt others are too. You path is an inspiration.

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