Merricat Growing Up


Suddenly Merricat seems to have grown from a lamb into a sheep.  She is a year old now and you can see it in her long face. It’s hard to remember exactly what she looked like when she came to the farm last fall or even a few months ago, without looking at pictures.  But she did look more like Robin. Soft and round, her features less defined.  (click here to see a picture or Merricat in March)

When I saw her locks hanging over her eyes I immediately thought of Rosemary.

Merricat’s wool is different than Rosemary’s which was tight ringlets, and Merricat is more friendly, less skittish.  I don’t think Rosemary ever really got over the year or so she was neglected before we got her.  She was always a little wary of people.

Looking at this photo, I thought it was like one of the glamour photos that people get taken of themselves. A studio portrait.

But it’s really just a setting on my iPhone and Merricat’s willingness to look at my camera.

11 thoughts on “Merricat Growing Up

  1. Beautiful portrait, Maria! It reminds me of some of those amazing photos taken by the photographer Joel Sartore in his Photo Ark book. You’ve captured the beauty and personality of Merricat. If you’re not familiar with Sartore, check him out.

  2. What a great picture, Maria. Looks like a professional portrait! I can’t believe how fast the lambs grow up.

  3. Maria, that is a beautiful portrait of Merricat. I hope you don’t mind, but I saved it to my desktop so I can view it when I need to see something beautiful. I like your analogy of the beauty shot. Now I’m thinking of sheep with fancy lingerie and red lipstick!

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