Constance, Beauty With Attitude


It went so well with Merricat I thought I’d try a glamour shot with Constance too.  I think I captured her attitude as well as her beauty.

Now I want to try it with the rest of the sheep.  Although it may work better when their wool grows in some. All those locks add to the effect.

10 thoughts on “Constance, Beauty With Attitude

  1. Another great one, Maria! I love the dark background and the way the light shines on Constance. Her facial expression is captivating. I’m loving these glamour shots. Can’t wait to see more!

  2. Merricat – what a noble face – like the busts of the Roman women at the Getty.

  3. Very lovely glam photographs of the sheep. Thank you. They are really well done.

  4. I was just thinking that the regal Rosemary went to her “greener pastures” without having had a glamour shot – – but then realized that she’d always looked her lovely best in every pic!

  5. She really did Amy. And even though no official glamour shot, she did make it onto a sticker with her curly locks.

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