Kitty And Anne’s First Day Out. Little Chicks In A Big World

We sat in the shade of the big old apple tree a breeze helping to keep us cool.   We were comfortable despite the tiny apples that dropped like little bombs from time to time.   We waited for our friend Jackie to show up before letting the chicks out of the crate.  I knew she’d enjoy watching them as much as Jon and me.

It turned out to be pretty uneventful.  The chicks eagerly hopped out of the open door and started doing what chickens do.  They pecked around looking for things to eat occasionally testing out their wings and running, things they couldn’t do in the close confines of the crate.

None of the other animals seemed interested in them.  Bud is the only one who would love to chase them, but I think even he’s getting used to them.  He watched them through the gate and soon lost interest focusing on his chipmunk.

Last night when it began to get dark, the chicks were back in the barn.   Kitty was already in the crate and when I called to Anne she walked in too.  I closed the door and they were in for the night.

When they get bigger we’ll put them in the coop with Brown Hen and White Hen.

This morning they left the crate and got right to work.

One thought on “Kitty And Anne’s First Day Out. Little Chicks In A Big World

  1. The little chickens are just adorable Maria. Apparently, everything grows well under your care 🙂

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