Kitty And Anne Finding The Shade

The chicks under Jon’s chair.

I didn’t expect Jon to come home from the doctor with his foot bandaged up again.  He took it better than I did until heard that he wasn’t worried about it.  Then I let it go too and decided to be grateful instead.

I was sitting outside feeding Kitty and Anne sunflower seeds when Jon got home.  He joined me for a while, before retreating to his air-conditioned study.  The chicks found a safe cool spot in the shade of Jon’s rocker to spend some time.

I thought I’d be nervous about letting the chicks out.  But I could see from the first day that they had no interest in wandering too far.  There’s plenty for them to do and places for them to find shelter right in the yard behind the house. I imagine as they get older they’ll join up with the hens and wander where they do, along the edge of the road and into the barnyard and pastures.

For now, the two of them seem content to spend their time together coming around for sunflower seeds when they see me and going back to their crate at night.


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