A New Batch Of Potholders

For the past few days, I was so tied, didn’t want to get out of bed.   But today I woke up full of energy and ready for the day.  I started by stacking some firewood then spent the rest of the day designing potholders.

The last batch I made sold out quickly, so I figured it was time to make some more.

I began with the hearts and eggs. I think they’re all sold already.  I had a few people ask about them the last time I used that same fabric. I told them I’d make some more and now this the last of it.

After that, I moved on to the pink and black butterflies and eggs on the top left. Like the hearts and eggs, I like the combination of butterflies and eggs together.  Although the images are very different it the subject matter I would find in my Image Of The Goddess book.

The hummingbirds were tough because the fabric they were on was so pretty and perfect just as it was.  So instead of making them better, which I knew I couldn’t, I tried to make them mine.

There are also butterflies on the same piece of fabric, but I didn’t get to them.  It came in a box that Judy sent me. She needed to make some space in her sewing room.  It’s as if she curated the fabric just for me.  Some great Potholder fabric and other colors and patterns that I can easily use.

So many of you have sent me so much wonderful fabric in the past month that I need to rearrange my shelves to make room for it.  But I’m too inspired by it all and don’t want to take the time to do it.  I think I’ll just keep working instead.

One thought on “A New Batch Of Potholders

  1. Hi Maria! Can I claim a hummingbird? The Aqua or dark green are my favorites but all are beautiful!
    Thanks in advance!

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