Quilt Backs From Bev


The sheets I got from Bev

Someone just dropped off three bags of sheets, Bev texted me, you can have them for free if you use them.

Sheets are great for quilt backings so I said yes, knowing I wouldn’t be able to use them all but could put the ones that didn’t work for me in the clothes bin at the American Legion.

When we came home on Friday night there were three big plastic bags on the backporch.

I think that by now, Bev who owns Carroll’s Trading Post, one of the consignment shops in town, knows what many people need.  She often will call Jon to let him know she has shirts or shoes that she thinks will be good for some of the people who live at The Mansion.

Bev also lets me know when she gets a piece of clothing in that she thinks I might be interested in.  I always go to see what she has and I never feel any pressure to buy them if aren’t quite right, but she’s pretty good at knowing what I like.

I imagine Bev texts a lot of people in town, giving them what they might be able to use when she can’t sell it and selling them what they might want to buy.

Today I washed and hung out the sheets from Bev.  Sunny and breezy, it was perfect drying weather.

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