Kim’s Glamour Photo


Kim with her big eyes and sweet face.  I wasn’t sure if head down was the right pose for a glamour photo.  But I knew for certain after editing the photo on my computer.

Maybe because it captures Kim’s personality.  Always shy and skittish, she is one to keep her head down, even more so the older she gets. But that is all a part of her beauty.

5 thoughts on “Kim’s Glamour Photo

  1. Just loving these glamour pictures! Don’t forget to do the dogs (as if they would sit still!) and the donkeys!

  2. I like it. Kim looks cautious yet sweet with her alert eyes and head lowered. These portraits are just wonderful… a lovely remembrance of your current flock.

    1. I hadn’t caught that but your right Barbara. And Kim is always alert, part of her being skittish. I’m trusting that I’m picking up on their personalities, even if I can’t articulate it.

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