Brown Hen Glamour Photo

Brown Hen

Brown Hen is not easy to photograph.  She has always been shy and keeps her distance.  But yesterday, she hung around me and I got a bunch of good photos of her.  This one worked out the best as a glamour photo. Her gorgeous feathers really show here.

16 thoughts on “Brown Hen Glamour Photo

    1. Her feathers are really gorgeous Pam. She usually doesn’t let me get so close to her with my camera otherwise I’d be taking more pictures showing off her feathers.

  1. Brown hen looks beautiful! I have really enjoyed the glamor shots of your animals. Merricats is one of my favorites

  2. Her feathers really are pretty. She looks very focused. I wouldn’t want to be a bug in her line of vision!

  3. I am really enjoying the glamour shots of the animals. Brown Hen is stunning. I think they would make lovely cards.

  4. Brown Hen is gorgeous, and you’ve captured her “attitude” perfectly, Maria!
    _) (_

    1. Thanks, It’s an edit on my iPhone Gail. It’s just a matter of getting the subject in the right place on the photo (which editing can also help).

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